Here are 30 affirmations to help you overcome fear and realize your ultimate LBD potential.

1.Life is too short to be overcome with fear. Develop a sense of adventure, focus on your goals and strive to be the best that you can be.
2It is better to try and fail, than to never have tried at all
3Nothing positive is ever accomplished in fear
4Fear dulls our senses, stifles our greatest potentials and masks our talents
5Fear is an emotion, and like any other emotion, it lives only within us. If we think about it, there is nothing to fear but fear itself!
6We can accomplish so much more if we face up to our fear. How many times have you lost out on glorious opportunities because you were paralyzed by fear? Think about what you have missed out on
7We have a relatively short life-span, and each moment that we procrastinate to do something we fear, we waste a part of life that we can never regain.
8If you worked hard all your life to develop the skills you need for success, how does it profit you to surrender to fear, something that we all have the ability to overcome?
9Fear is real, and is very much a part of society. But fear should not dictate your life; you are in control, it’s you who should decide.
10There are times when fear makes us become conscious of the things we have. The fear of losing something or someone precious will certainly provide a wakeup call for us to make a change.
11Nervousness, anxiety and panics are all fear induced states. We need to recognize this and avoid fueling the main perpetrator – fear.
12High self-esteem will always trump fear. Know what you are about and fear will not enter
13Develop an unshakable mental attitude and confidence to your everyday life. Be and think positively, and fear will gradually diminish from your presence
14I have never seen anyone succeed by succumbing to fear. Don’t allow it to enter into your thoughts. Guide your mind and thoughts – fear cannot enter without an invite.
15You are most productive when you plan and act. Fear and its compatriots enter when you start creating doubts about your ability and strengths. So just act!
16There is only one direction to success – up. There is no going back to retrace your steps. Think about advancing, there is nothing else that’s worth your time.
17Do not mistake a challenge for a sign of weakness. We need challenges to grow, but we must see them as that, not obstacles or stumbling blocks.
18Life will never throw anything at you that no one else has never faced. Someone has practically gone through every challenge you will ever face. The only uniqueness is that it’s now happening to you.
19If you believe that you can succeed, you will. No one can tell you otherwise, because success is relative and you establish the benchmark.
20Your talents will give the greatest edge in your career and along your path to success. Once you discover your talents, don’t shy away from making them work to your advantage.
21Self-motivation is the key ingredient in all great stories. It’s a key that can open many doors, if you learn how to use it well.
22What was the hardest thing you ever done? Was it really hard, or was it that you had to overcome your personal emotions, why it appeared so hard.
23We do the same things over and over expecting a different result. Let’s think progressively and let go off the things that are holding us back.
24You decide what is stimulus and effect most times. It boils down to your perception. See the good and forget about the negatives – it’s always there.
25Establish your mission for the day.
26Substitute your fear for something that’s positive. Think: How can I help people to become better? Fear disappears with an outward focus, since it thrives on our insecurities.
27Do relaxing exercises to relieve your anxiety and keep your calm. Refocus the mind while doing your exercises. With each movement of your body, picture your ideal circumstance.
28There is a lot of fear in this world, but that’s no reason to stop trying to eliminate it. You do so by not allowing it to incubate in your thoughts and controlling your actions.
29Sometimes what we fear is the most unlikely event, while we fail to notice the small, perceptible positive things that occur more often and actually do us more good.
30Persistence is the solution to fear. Don’t let it stop you doing what you need to—just keep on going!
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