Ordinary” people can accomplish extraordinary things. They do this through:

Resilience —  being able to bounce back from disappointments and temporary setbacks;

Wisdom — the ability to decipher between different alternatives and choosing the right course of action;

Determination — the drive to keep going even when conditions seem unfavourable and others are giving up and trying to convince you to do the same;

Courage — not being intimidated or dissuaded by the challenge or unchartered waters, and having the mindset that there is always a first time for everything, why not by me!

Visioning willing to look beyond whats immediately in front of them and seeing whats next before it becomes obvious to everyone else and laying the ground work to make it happen or to get there;

Confidence knowing that they have what it takes to do what is required and willing to share, concede or defer what they are not good at without missing a stride or giving it a second thought;

Strength — showing character and stickability during challenging times and not flinching in the midst of personal attacks and pressure;

Caring — being open to people’s needs and desires and balancing them with personal and organizational goals and values to create an environment of harmony and trust;

Kindness/Selflessness — looking beyond personal gratification to see the need of others instead of theirs and leading from without rather than from within to create synergy and foster better collaboration;

Positivity/Optimism — believing that tomorrow can be just as good or even better than today, and that they have the ability to change anything or situation into something more desirable if they want to;

Spirituality — understanding that we are only humans, and that there is a greater, invisible force, power or presence in the world that we can call on at any time; and

Inspiration — lifting and motivating others so that they too can find their way through the maze of life and lay claim to their rewards, accolades or legacies.

Don’t ever believe that “ordinary” is a “fact” of life that defines who you are. Ordinary describes only your point of view of a situation. You have the autonomy and ability to change it from ordinary to extraordinary.


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