Here are some links to AI tools that are now being rolled out at a phenomenal rate!

AI ToolLinkDescription
Audioreadhttp://audioread.comIf you have endless read-later articles, documents, etc, you’ll love Audioread. Turn articles, PDFs, emails, etc. into podcasts and listen to them while you exercise, commute, run errands, etc.
Beatovenhttp://beatoven.aiWant to create music? Beatoven uses advanced AI techniques to compose unique music for free.
eeselhttp://get.eesel.app/htUse AI to automatically organise your Google Docs, Notion pages, and other work documents. eesel organises it all, right in your new tab. Best of all – it’s free.
HyperWritehttp://hyperwriteai.comHyperWrite is a personal writing helper that creates material for writing ideas, greatly simplifying the work of writers. HyperWrite has a text-to-image section on its website in addition to the writing aid feature.
Interview Prep AIhttp://interviewprep-ai.comAre you tired of the stress and anxiety that comes with preparing for a job interview? Interview Prep Al is your personal Al job interview coach that helps you ace your next interview.
Opus https://Opus.proNow you can convert 1 long video into 10 viral clips in just seconds. Create Reels, Shorts and Tiktok videos 10x faster. Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click.
Poised AIhttp://poised.comPoised AI helps you improve your public speaking skills with live feedback in your virtual meetings. Learn to decrease filler words, speak with more confidence and clarity, and become a powerful storyteller.
Mem AIhttp://get.mem.aiMem AI is your very own AI knowledge assistant.
Nero AIhttp://ai.nero.com/image-upscalerUse Nero AI to enlarge, improve and clean up your photos. This tool helps you increase image resolution without losing quality.
Toolbuilderhttp://toolbuilder.aiToolbuilder is a platform that allows users to build and discover Al web apps without coding.
Wiseone https://t.co/WRTHoklDkPWiseone offers a fresh, feature-rich approach to online browsing. This ChatGPT extension saves you hours and gives you easy access to reliable information.
Kickresumehttps://kickresume.comImpress with a perfect resume created in minutes. Create a beautiful resume with the help of AI and 35+ customizable templates.
Perplexity Copilothttps://Perplexity.aiThink of it as ChatGPT but only faster. Get immediate answers to any topic, complete with cited sources.
Rose AIhttps://Rose.aiResearch Faster with Rose. Eliminate hours wasted finding, cleaning, visualizing and transforming data using the power of AI.
StockIMGhttps://Stockimg.aiCreate images with artificial intelligence for free. Generate Logo, Illustrations, stock images and many more in just seconds.
Gamma AIhttps://gamma.appThis tool is Powered by GPT-4. It can create compelling presentation decks in just a few minutes.
LOVOhttps://lovo.aiLovo is a go-to AI Voice Generator & Text to speech platform. Create Content with:
– 100+ languages
– Cutting-edge AI Art Generator
– 1000+ voices with various styles
Prompt Engineering Guidehttps://promptingguide.aiA free prompting course to help you communicate with ChatGPT better. Guides, papers, lecture, notebooks and resources for prompt engineering.
Prompt Herohttps://prompthero.comSearch millions of AI art images by models like Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. Browse all of the prompts used to create those images, in one spot.
Bing Chathttp://bing.com/chatUses GPT-4 with web browsing for free and get the latest with citations etc.
Snapchat My AIhttps://snapchat.comMy AI is a powerful AI chat companion!
these AI Tools were compiled from various sources and contributors

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