It’s very clear to us that the future belongs to our children (our kids) of the world.

It doesn’t matter how many diseases we fight and eradicate, natural disasters we face and overcome, or man-made problems and dilemmas we avert, our success as a generation will be measured  by the level of support and conditions that we create to empower future generations.

We must ensure every child, regardless of geography, race, ethnicity, creed or belief, has a compelling reason to believe that his or her dream can become a reality, no matter how lofty it seems.

A child from a rural village in Africa aspiring to be a doctor should not be deterred from that dream because of her immediate circumstances. [Help her to realize that dream!]

There is a dire need that’s out there and it has been around for many decades…long before the many diseases and hazards that dominate the media today.

We are talking about poverty, hunger, and a shortage in basic necessities of life (water, shelter, sanitation, education, etc.) that we can easily take for granted.

We are not going to make the world better, without making the lives of today’s children better! Give them hope and an opportunity to break free of any limiting circumstances, so that they, in turn, will have the resources and the tools to make their children’s lives better for subsequent generations.

So join us as we sing this song, We Can Dream, that captures the essence of what it means to empower our children.

We hope one day this song can become a beacon of hope for the kids of the world!

Song Lyrics


Everyone has a dream
and sometimes that dream
may seem so far away
But we have to say…

We can dream,
the future is within our grasp
We have the key
to open another door
We can dream once more
That’s for sure
We share this one gift
And with it,
Many nations we can lift…

[Verse 1- sing]
I’m a part of a new trend
This is the message I wish to send,
And what I do makes a difference
That goes beyond
My family and friends,
When called upon,
I’ll be the one
to put forth my best
And let my talents do the rest
Then one day the world will see
That its takes only a dream
To transform one’s reality

[chorus ]

[Verse 2 – rap]
I see the future out in front
My plans,
my goals are all important
I’m the next generation
A fact, not a figment
of my imagination.
We let the inspiration
Of every nation
Carry us through,
in all that we do
Take my hand,
and we can disband
anything holding us down,
Turn a frown
To a smile,
And let’s sing all the while:


[Verse 3 – sing]
There is always a way
For me to help each day
I see myself creating
A vision,
but it goes beyond
Anyone of us.
We trust, with all our heart
that we can chart
A path
filled with opportunity
So that children like me
Will join in
And sing:


[Verse 2 encore – Rap]

[All – sing]
Tomorrow will be better
We remember
where we’re coming from,
so together we’ll be strong.
It won’t be long
before we go on
To make our mark,
and be a spark
for change that’s missing,
which will rearrange
lives and transform
our planet, starting
from within, as we know:


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