Words to Live by!

I have the ability to create my own life the way I want it to be. There are no limitations  on what I can do or achieve. Everything I need to make this a reality is already present within me. I need only to acknowledge its presence and decide on how I want to use it to create what I want to manifest in my life. I am much stronger than how people perceive me, think I am or treat me, because they can’t see what’s inside of me. I have the intellect and wisdom to make a significant contribution to the overall quality of my life and the lives of all whom I’m acquainted with.

I interact with people daily and I am always relevant when I speak. I do not get bothered by cynical or belittling remarks because they do not change who I am or how I perceive myself. People want to hear me, and they listen to my words because they know I have something important and vital to say. I speak factually, literally and when necessary, figuratively, because these are all ways to get my point across succinctly and clearly. I do not mislead or deceive others because I see my role as one to uplift and not to put down others. I am gentle and kind with my siblings, children, parents, friends and peers and they with me in turn. I do not take anyone’s love for granted, so I always reciprocate their love ten fold.

I am focused on the positives, and do not get perturbed when others don’t do the same. I endeavour to be always punctual or early, but never intentionally late. I respect other’s time, energy and schedule, and they respect mine equally. I apply myself 110% to whatever I do at  any moment, because I know multitasking is a myth and not a conscious reality.

I understand my limitations and strengths,  and I spend time working on improving them to become better, or so that they do not become a hindrance or nuisance to myself or to those whom I interact with daily. I handle myself in a professional, courteous and esteemed manner, even in difficult situations, because I know I am mentor to my children and society at large. They expect that I will lead by example, and that my behaviour will be commensurate with that expectation. I do not make anything a blind obligation, but a commitment that brings extraordinary value to my life and to all whom are around me to feel and share its effects.

accede to a mission or goal that is beyond me and any material gain, because true meaning and purpose lie well beyond any material gain that can be attained in my life or beyond. I make that mission the premise on which I assess what is truly important to me and to everyone who depends or interacts with me. I use it to determine my values and attitude under any circumstance where I need to make a decision that involves personal, societal or environmental ramifications that are not easily reconcilable. I use this mission to make ethical and morally correct decisions in the face of personal and institutional pressures that seem to recognize and reward the converse. I never waiver and hold steadfast to what I believe to be “the right, positive, and honourable thing to do” under the circumstances.

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